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Jan 1, 2015
lindah 96 posts

Topic: Florida Notaries be aware

A Federal Judge has determined that all Clerks of Court in Florida have a legal obligation to issue marriage licenses to any that apply, including same sex couples.

Dec 11, 2014
dgenoway 1 post

Topic: Loan Application

We are just doing notarizations, not taking the actual application. It is not applicable to a Notary, at least in Texas.

Dec 5, 2014
apaloosa 11 posts

Topic: Loan Application

I just had an offer to do a loan application. Under the SAFE ACT anyone handling these must have a license. Why are signing services not aware of this new law and asking notaries to do this?

Nov 1, 2014
jmalone 9 posts

Topic: Great to be here.

Welcome-divawannabe. Your expertise is much appreciated.

Sep 10, 2014
divawannabe 1 post

Topic: Great to be here.

I’m relatively new to the notary signing industry, although I’ve had my notary commission for 18 years. I’ve worked in the real estate industry for 26 years, and I did work as a Escrow assistant for 3 years. I have always loved being a receptionist and an administrator. I lost my full time job almost 2 years ago and decided it is time to take the bull by the horns and do my own thing.

I look forward to reading and sharing information on the ‘Discussions’ page. I always find Notary’s very informative.

Thank you and have a great and successful career!

Cecilia aka Cia

Aug 27, 2014
redjead 1 post


I have two for sale.

Jul 29, 2014
dorisinco 7 posts

Topic: Jail Notary

I’ve never had that experience but from what I’ve read, particularly on, it can be time consuming. I recommend you visit NotaryRotary and use the search button to look up jail signings.

Jul 19, 2014
tiffb01 1 post

Topic: Jail Notary

I wanted to know how can you become a jail notary?

May 11, 2014
kandonotary 6 posts

Topic: Gosh it's quiet here

I’ve noticed very little activity on several forums lately, not just Notary Depot. Could be the lack of refis, but I think it’s more than that. I think it’s an overall unease about where NSAs will stand in regard to financial activities with consumers. I receive updates about the CFPB activities, and find them interesting in general.

Anyone else have an opinion?

Apr 4, 2014
chris33 6 posts

Topic: American Signing Connection

Jerry they have two in half stars on Notary Rotary site, try and sign up with companies that are at least 3 stars and they have great reviews from others in the last month or so.JMO

Apr 1, 2014
jerry_hoey 3 posts

Topic: American Signing Connection

This company advertises on their web site of payment to notaries within 60 days. Do not believe it as I have one over sixty days. They will not respond to emails or voice messages.

If you look at other notary boards several notaries have been documenting their experiences. Read and heed!!!!!

Mar 31, 2014
chris33 6 posts

Topic: ServiceLink Lowers Fee

I believe everyone that is in their database has received that same email in regards their $12.00 fee.

Mar 30, 2014
apaloosa 11 posts

Topic: ServiceLink Lowers Fee

Service Link has announced it is now paying $12 for printing documents for any loan package.

Mar 6, 2014
chicagonotar... 2 posts

Topic: Attention all NSA's!

Notary Reviews is a user friendly online forum created by an NSA for ALL NSA’s and those working in the real estate and loan/mortgage industries.

Membership is free for all!

Free business listings and interesting topics of discussion!

Feb 8, 2014
chris33 6 posts

Topic: New Agent

Hi Marla ,you can go to Notary Rotary website and there is a list there of all signing companies that you can try and sign yourself up with, just please pick all the 4-5 stars only. Hope this helps and God bless you in building your business up all thou signings have been down for past months for everyone

Jan 27, 2014
notaryagent1 1 post

Topic: New Agent

Would someone be kind enough to provide me with free directory listings. I need to start to build my business up.

Thank You!
Marla Hill

Jan 2, 2014
jmalone 9 posts

Topic: Living Trust

Whatever your State allows per notarization, plus if they allow a travel fee. Please list your State.

Nov 28, 2013
chris33 6 posts

Topic: Happy Thanksgiving

Wish you all on Notary Depot a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

May you all be blessed along with your families :)

Nov 26, 2013
chris33 6 posts

Topic: Living Trust

How much should I charge for a Living Trust ? just want to get an idea what everyone might charge for something like this. Thank you

Nov 19, 2013
chris33 6 posts

Topic: Hello

Hello everyone

I am new to the site and looking forward to be part of the great notary community here :)

Nov 5, 2013
lindah 96 posts

Topic: Minor Traveling Permit?

Make sure your state laws allow you to type and provide these and it’s not considered UPL.

Oct 26, 2013
brandenlisea 1 post

Topic: Minor Traveling Permit?

I love these notarial acts. You can type up your own document’s and you don’t even need to fingerprint.

Oct 14, 2013
jman 6 posts

Topic: My 2013 Nopays

Title Logic, Accurate National, Pacific Document Signing Services, Loan Processing Center (KY).

Oct 14, 2013
jman 6 posts

Topic: Midwest Mortgage Services

The company paid me due to a mispayment to another notary.

Sep 13, 2013
venitapeyton 1 post

Topic: Notary Optimism

Chicken Little is wrong. The sky is NOT falling! Often, a notary can be the one bright spot in a day to impact many others.

Yesterday I was called to notarize documents for a hospice patient. I was left with the patient while the social worker rounded up family members of other patients to serve as witnesses. This patient has no family members in the area.

Upon completion, I touched her hand as I prepared to leave. She gripped my hand tightly and smiled. It was an acknowledgement, gratitude and so, so much more! I left and drove for an hour in unrelenting 90 degree heat without my air conditioner for my refinance appointment in another county. The refinance client was gruff, saying he works nights and has no life (around 62). Just had heart surgery….single, needed a friend.

I smiled and left. I was too drained to care about giving time to someone who couldn’t appreciate all that he has going for him. He’ll be okay. The hospice patient can rest comfortably, knowing that her sister in Washington DC will handle her affairs. The industry will be fine – as long as we remember that we’re not here to save it. We’re here to provide a public service.

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