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Linker Loan Signings provides notary, loan signing, and trust signing services for your convenience in the Vail, AZ and Southeast area of Tucson, AZ. Services are available at your home, place of business, or agreed upon location by appointment only.

The mission of Linker Loan Signings is to uphold the Arizona Notary Law while providing professional, prompt service. Linker Loan Signings has a proven track record over 9 years of performing General Notary Services for Attorneys, Doctors, local businesses, and the general public; Loan Signings for Mortgage, Escrow, Title Companies, Lenders and Signing Services; and Trust Signings for local and national Attorneys.

Mortgage Loans & Refinance
Healthcare Directives
Powers of Attorney
Trust Documents
Corporate and Financial
Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights
Copy Certifications

Certified by ICFE as an Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist, I offer 1-hour seminars on Identity Theft.

Background Check by NPBC

Hours of Operation: Mon thru Fri 9am-5pm; Call for weekend and off-hours availability. For scheduling purposes I prefer to receive requests one day in advance.