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HELP: Notarize "copy" of passport?

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tonib 1 post almost 12 years ago

I was asked to notarize a copy of an India passport. This will include copies of about 7 pages of this passport. The signature is only on 1 page, however, I can see the passport and see that these pages are from the passport.

Can I do this? The person said that he has had this done before.

I just don’t know if this is legal or not.



rogeroh 62 posts almost 12 years ago

We notarize signatures, not documents. In this case I would have the applicant draft a statement (ack or jurat format – their choice) that the copies are true copies of the original and sign attesting to that fact. Then you can notarize his/her signature. This is general advice; check your state requirements as well.

joyvalera 2 posts almost 12 years ago

In CA, make sure you don’t sign the copy of the passport as this will in effect might appear to be a certification. Remember that only the issuing agency can certify as to the authenticity of the document. Rogeroh is correct that you can acknowledge or by jurat notarize the passport holder’s signature.

barbaralca 28 posts almost 12 years ago

In Calif. there is a form called “Copy Certification by Document Custodian” which is basically what Roger suggested. It is a statement by the person you are notarizing that the document is a true and original copy, followed by a jurat statement.

If you need this form let me know and I’ll email it to you.

emilysf 1 post over 8 years ago

Barbaralca, could I ask you to email me “Copy Certification by Document Custodian” form? It would be a great help. Thanks.