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$100K of E & O

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loansigner101 56 posts over 12 years ago

While I haven’t lost one single job due to the NNA’s push for their BG Check, I once again GAINED a job because I was told that I was the only LSA in town that had $100,000 in E&O (it was a Stewart Title job, but I’m not sure if the $100K was their requirement or the lender’s requirement).

For what it’s worth, allow me to tell you that I got the deal of the century from Einerson Surety – $170 for 4 years BUT! I had to purchase the $15K Bond from them at the same time (it comes as a package). Before I discovered this vendor, I don’t think I would have spent the money that other companies are charging for such a large policy.

Have I lost any jobs before by NOT having this much E&O? I don’t know – maybe?!? Unless anyone can beat this deal, I’m definitely going to start promoting Einerson at my classes and workshops. With that thought, if anyone does know of a better deal, would you please email me or post here so I can perform the research? Thanks in advance!

mksummar 3 posts over 12 years ago

There is actually one other place that sales E&O for really cheap as well for $100,000 for your full commission (4 years). For approximately $170. You don’t get the bond with it though. You can purchase this at Notary of America.


judith_ny 2 posts over 12 years ago

Wow! I called a local insurance agent about getting E&O insurance a few months ago after being asked for it by one lender. The agent had to get a quote, and when he called me back he told me it would cost me about $2K a year! Wonder if he misunderstood what I needed? Maybe I should check into one of the sources you’re mentioning (although NY doesn’t require E&O insurance).

profnot 15 posts over 12 years ago

This is what I discovered:
E&O – Travelers Ins.
$70 for $25k
$110 for $50k
$170 for $100k aka US Notary Assoc
Max E&O coverage is $25k costing $60
Bond + $25k E&O $133
no higher E&O
E&O $60 for $25k
$100 for $50k
$200 for $100k
Max E&O coverage is $15k
Max E&O coverage is $25k
Max E&O coverage is $30k

National Notary
E&O $60 for $25k
$100 for $50k
$200 for $100k

loansigner101 56 posts over 12 years ago

The $170 I’m referring to w/Einerson is for FOUR YEARS and a quote for a CA Notary (me). Perhaps rates vary from state-to-state, right?

sherrimoore 7 posts over 12 years ago

Has anyone ever heard of $500,000.00 E&O? I have a lender who wouldn’t use me because I only had $100K! I called about 6 different ins. companies and no one has ever heard of this. This lender says all their notaries have to have this much but couldn’t tell me how to get it. Any ideas? Thanks

joanbergst 90 posts over 12 years ago

I just received a renewal notice from the National Notary Association for my $100,000 E&O insurance policy and they want $468. This is the same amount I paid 4 years ago.

lindah 99 posts over 12 years ago

Holy smoke Joan!! Mine is only $240 for 4 years!!

aquicknotesb... 3 posts over 12 years ago

I recently went through the trouble of inquiring about this…it costs dearly. My quote was $1,000/yr
I couldn’t do that without work guarantees from the lender who wanted it in the first place

chakwaina 3 posts over 12 years ago

I called my local insurance agent and she called the company (Old Republic) and they told her since I don’t own my home I can not get an E&O Policy for more than 15K.

joanbergst 90 posts over 12 years ago

Hi Where did you buy it for $240?

Four years ago the only policy I could find was the one I bought from the NNA
cherylrichert 3 posts over 12 years ago

I get my E&O insurance from Auto Owners. It might sound crazy but they do business insurances, E&O insurance also, not just autos. They are wonderfully priced and they are good for 4 years.

lindah 99 posts over 12 years ago

“Hi Where did you buy it for $240?”

Joan – if your question was directed to me, I went through Notary Rotary – but remember, I’m in Florida – apparently CA is higher.

cergueta 1 post almost 10 years ago

I do not have their insurance, but they do provide $500,000 in coverage. They quoted me $990 for an annual policy.
Good Luck to you.

amynotary 2 posts over 9 years ago

Does anyone know where to get the best rate for $100K now? It looks like the cheapest one is about $468 from NNA.

dorisinco 7 posts over 9 years ago

The cost of the E&O insurance is different in each state, for whatever reason. The insurance is carried by several different sites, including Before buying insurance do a search on the topic on the notary forums for suggestions from others. Also note that the insurance can be purchased by year or by term of commission.

austintexasn... 199 posts over 9 years ago

We actually carry $1,000,000 of Notary E&O. Provident Funding for example requires ANY notary in the U.S (even if a signing agent company your going thru has that much they require the actual NOTARY to carry that much or nor deal) to carry at least $500,000 of E&O. But cheapest place bar none is Merchants Bonding Company to get E&O of $100K or lower (that’s there max we checked) call them directly DON’T go thru the NNA. We think $100,000 is the bare minimum to carry, it’s very cheap and helps you get alot more work at least in our experience in Texas.

Hope that helps,

amynotary 2 posts over 9 years ago

Thanks for your info. dorisinco & austintexasn! I finally bought the $100K E&O thru Einerson Surety for $533 including bond, notary seal & a journal. I’m very happy with their service and the quality of the seal.

furno1 1 post about 9 years ago

Einerson Surety has the lowest price I could find in California. Travelers $100,000 E&O for the four year term is only $170.00! The only catch is you have to buy within the first 90 days of your commission. Einerson Surety made it so easy and they were a pleasure to work with!

lucky1 1 post about 9 years ago

Where can I purchase if I am a year into my commission?

dorisinco 7 posts about 9 years ago

You can buy E&O for just one year from

essig 5 posts over 8 years ago

I’ve been doing signins for over 5 yrs. w/ just $25,000 and have been doing a great deal of business and always looking toward a 1 day break. So as far as having so much E/O it’s up to you.

essig 5 posts over 8 years ago

Sounds fishy to me. You get what you want I have only 25k and it hasn’t affected by closings.

essig 5 posts over 8 years ago

Try American Notary Association out of Texas

ljnotary 2 posts over 7 years ago

Thank for the information about researching the E & O cost! I brought online from Notary of America for $170 for $100,000, 4 yrs.
Since I started doing a lot more loan signing in California I thought it would be a good idea in increase my E&O.
Notary Rotary was $159 for $100,000 for only one (1) year. So, nice savings with Notary of America.

It can be a little confusing when ordering when they state within the first 90 days of your commission you have to buy. Since this was an increase and I already have my bond filed within the first 90 days I was covered. They did ask me to fax my Certification & Bond to them for confirmation.