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What Printer Do You Use?

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sherrimoore 7 posts over 12 years ago

Hi All,

I’m a new notary and I’m trying to find a great laser printer. There are so many different kinds out there. Do you find having two paper trays is best? My current one prints soooo slowly, I am ready to pull my hair out. Would love to get your opinions. Thanks so much!

lindah 99 posts over 12 years ago

When I started my business here in Florida last August I purchased the same printer I had at the law firm in CT – an HP2200d – I knew it worked well and fit everything I needed – I bought a used one on e-bay since I didn’t want to make a huge investment until I was sure my business was going to work – this thing is a workhorse and I love it. This is just my personal opinion but if and when I replace it I don’t see me going for anything but an HP.

Again – JMHO

copperhead 4 posts over 12 years ago

I use an HP 2430tn which does have dual trays, but a popular choice for many signing agents is an HP 1320. You can purchase it in the dual tray version (HP 1320tn) or simply use legal paper only if you have the single tray. This printer is being phased out – you may be able to find it on clearance at Staples or Office Depot stores. You can definitely purchase it on Ebay. With any printer you purchase, you should also plan on buying and installing the maximum memory that it will accept – that will make your printing go much faster!

joanbergst 90 posts over 12 years ago

I like the Brother MFC 8860Dn which is a laser printer, fax machine, copier, and scanner.
I bought mine from Costco for $399. Wonderful machine!
Prints and copies at approx. 30 pages per minute.
Print every loan document on LEGAL size paper and buy the paper at Sam’s club or Costco by the case.

A dual tray printer is nice ( and can save you a little bit of money), but you won’t get hired by having a dual tray printer.

phoyle 1 post over 12 years ago

Check out lease returns from office machinery stores, too.

blondebobbi 8 posts about 12 years ago


I also have an HP 2200. Mine is only an inkjet. Do they come in Laser?

lindah 99 posts about 12 years ago

I didn’t think the 2200 came in inkjet – mine is a laserjet…same thing maybe?

rogeroh 62 posts about 12 years ago

Blonde Bobbi, I sure hope you’re not using an inkjet to print loan docs!! You must use a laser printer for those!