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New from N.C.

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dmagos 1 post about 12 years ago

Hieveryone! I have just started my Signing Agent Business. I know that the market is very slow right now but I do think it will be back. I have had several signings since July. I plan to do this full-time but because the market is slow, I guess you could say it’s like part-time now. However I do have Faith in this business. Until recently, I had not really even marketed my normal Notary Services. Well, I guess that is about all right now. I just wanted to announce that I am here.

notarypatricia 3 posts almost 12 years ago

Glad to meet someone in NC. Hope your NSA business is doing well. Let’s visit some time via phone or email and perhaps we can support each other. No competition for areas here as I’m in western NC.

Just wondering why you chose the NNA certification over any others, too… Appreciate any feedback as I’m considering become certified also.

Regards and best to you in 2008

Patricia Pollina