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When do you ask for payment?

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uclanotary 27 posts about 12 years ago

If you’ve never worked for a particular signing company before and don’t have a signed agreement with them, when do you feel comfortable asking when you’ll get paid?

I always feel like I should wait at least 30 days, but was wondering what everyone else does?

rogeroh 62 posts about 12 years ago

It’s not a question of “feeling
comfortable”. You’re the one extending them credit, so YOU establish what their payment schedule is BEFORE you ever accept an assignment from them. Then YOU decide if the time span is worth the wait.

uclanotary 27 posts about 12 years ago

You are right. I never thought of it that way I guess.
For some reason I feel uneasy asking this question upfront. For some reason, it makes me feel greedy.

rogeroh 62 posts about 12 years ago

Dude, you’re running a business to make a profit!

YOU dictate the terms you’re willing to work for. It’s that simple; everything’s negotiable to YOUR satisfaction; if not, move on to the next company.

lindah 99 posts about 12 years ago

My .02, FWIW

If it’s a new company to me I usually ask, once we’ve agreed on a fee "and what is your payment policy? At funding? 30 days?‘…usually get an acceptable answer…then I continue on and let them know MY policy regarding no-signs and rescinds. If they agree to it I ask them to shoot me a confirmation with all that information – but it’s all clarified up front. You need to settle these questions before you accept the assignment and do the job or you have nothing to fall back on if they take 60+ days to pay or decide not to pay you at all.

I, personally, always expect payment within 30 days. All companies I work for, unless I agree otherwise, are sent a reminder of the outstanding invoice at the 30-day mark – and every week after that until paid.

All JMHO – seems I’ve spent the summer chasing hard-earned money….

robwright 21 posts almost 12 years ago

I ask to get paid within 30 days of the signing as I take each job so there is no mistake regarding payment.