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Calif changes for 2008

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joanbergst 90 posts over 11 years ago

Well this is the day it all changes for us in Calif.

All loans signed in CA from today and forward (12/27/2007) will have to have the new Acknowledgement verbiage to have a Deed Of Trust record. Any loan signed today will record in Jan 2008.

My opinion is to carry approx 10 CA (2008) loose ACK Certificates at all times.

I had to use 6 today.

Free 2008 ACK & Jurats downloads are available on

joe 69 posts over 11 years ago

Thanks for the reminder Joan.

I’ve also updated the personalized CA acknowledgements and Jurat forms here on Notary Depot:

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    My Commission No. is 123xyz
    My Phone Number is 111-222-3333
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timgatewood 2 posts over 11 years ago

Quick question. Are you expected to change the wording on docs from CA to the new verbiage , even if the docs are being signed in another state (that has its own verbiage)? I normally just look at what is there and see if it complies with what is expected here in TN (which has no specific wording but has some standards and some samples that can be used); if it does comply, I just use what is there. The NNA and others have drilled it in to me that we are not supposed to change the wording (unless it is not true or is not in compliance with law). I must admit to being a bit confused about whether the law in the state where the doc is being notarized or the law in the state where it will be recorded takes precedence. This is the sort of thing that the Uniform Commercial Code (interstate agreement as to laws and rules for doing business across state lines) is supposed to address, but it does not – because every state feels free to pass their own versions of things covered in the UCC. (sigh)

signingagent... 16 posts over 11 years ago

Hi Tim-
For newbies, I always tell them to “stay safe” and go by their state’s laws. As an experienced signing agent/notary, as long as “the other state’s requirements” don’t violate the notary’s state’s requirements, I think it’s safe to use the state’s verbiage where the property is recording. For CA, the only thing we have to worry about is including the signer’s CAPACITY in our notarial verbiage (a no no!). That said, I have no problem using most other state’s notary verbiage, specifically for Deeds that will be recording. We al have different “styles” and this is mine!
All the best,
Kelly Robertson, President, LoanSigner101
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