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Precision Closing Service

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susanbryant 2 posts over 11 years ago

Has anyone had any luck collecting from this signing service? I hear they have shut their doors and filed bankruptcy.

mcmartin 1 post over 11 years ago

They have definetly closed their doors. They would not respond to any means of communication. However, I was suprised to receive about 1/2 of what they owed me last week. It was better than nothing.

timgatewood 2 posts over 11 years ago

I cannot say that I am surprised. They always struck me as the least PRECISE of any signing service when it came to paying as promised and the most picky about the things they expected from the NSA. I have not had any work from them in a long time, so I did not get burned in their BKTY, if they did file one. Even so, I am always sorry to see a business go under, because you just know that someone is getting hurt by its failure.