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Notary Public Journal

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joanbergst 90 posts over 11 years ago

Some of the new journals have a 1 line across feature with abbreviation for notary documents so each borrower’s notary information in on one line.

This saves the notary mucho money for journals.

Some notaries don’t like this type of journal because they feel if they are required to provide a photocopy journal entry they can’t do it because its one person per 1 line.

You can accomplish the same procedure by putting paper over the notary documents that are not asked for; you just have to cut very small pieces of paper to accomplish this.

You can also use the notary journal style that many notaries use and that is: each ACK & JURAT is listed individually line after line downward. With the type of entry you will probably take up 1 page per loan signing with 2 borrowers.

maureenlazar 31 posts over 11 years ago

Since 2005 when I became a Notary I have had the journal that requires only one line to be used per loan session. I could not imagine having to do all of those separate line entries. When I attended the Ca Escrow Assoc Conference in 2006 I was surprised at how many Notaries and Escrow Off. had never seen this journal. My friend attended again this year and still so many Notaries do not know of this. I bought mine at AV Notary and also Notary Rotary.
There is also a device called privacy shield that you can also purchase online at AV Notary Network and it covers each prior entry so that when a new signer is signing your journal they can not view the info above theirs. Two great tools for every Notary Public.

signingagent... 16 posts over 11 years ago

Hi Maureen – Joan and I actually saw that Privacy Shield at the NNA Conference in LA while we were assisting our buddy, Sharon Hassler of with her booth — frankly, I thought it looked kinda cheapo. Joan’s idea to use something else was just about as snazzy and less money. I almost always face opposite of my clients anyhow so they cannot see other entires (I always always only use ONE line entry per person, per notarization) and when they sign my journal, I use a file folder to cover the other entries, explaining what I’m doing. Good post!
Kelly Robertson