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Signature Company - BEWARE!!

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lkthornton 45 posts about 11 years ago

Signature Company
6046 Cornerstone Ct. #215
San Diego, CA 92121

Check bounced….bank resubmitted check in 2nd attempt to clear it. If it doesn’t clear, that’s another NSF fee. I accepted another signing from them before the notice from bank came so now I’m out almost $300. Won’t accept any more jobs from them. I don’t work for free.

apaloosa 11 posts about 11 years ago

It may not be of help but I know if you go to the bank you can file a form to get paid if/when they deposit any $$ in the account. You can also go to small claims court to get an order to pay you & since they are a biz you might check into filing a Mechanics Lien – I am not sure on this though as law may have changed.

lkthornton 45 posts about 11 years ago

The most current info about Signature Company is at
Use orange search button to look up message 239004 and read all posts in that thread.