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New non-profit to help WA notaries get discounts on office supplies+

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profnot 15 posts about 11 years ago

Hi, All

My volunteer project for the past 8 months has been to create a free online statewide online chamber of commerce for small business owners in WA. It just launched!

I need your help in spreading the word to other notaries.

Small business owners – especially owners of microbusinesses like notaries – pay top price for office supplies and the other goods and services we need to run our businesses. But we are the people who can least afford to pay full price.

Best of Washington is a new FREE non-profit association helping small business owners in Washington. It uses collective clout to secure discounts for members and helps them advertise their businesses. Staples is already on board: they give 15%-35% off online orders to our members. The larger the membership, the better and more numerous the discounts.

The group needs bigger membership numbers to attract more vendors to give great discounts. Right now we only have 250 members and a handful of vendors. Dozens of other vendors are interested but want to see bigger membership numbers before they offer deals. Future vendors include toner cartridge sellers and cell phone companies. (Always thinking of notaries!)

Best of Washington does not make money on the vendor deals. This is truly a non-profit organization. I have used personal money to launch this organization.

So if you live and are self-employed in WA,

If you are not in WA, please tell your friends here to join.

FREE membership gets you:
Free business profile to boost your internet marketing
Discounts for members from vendors selling products and services
Links to terrific free resources for small business owners

This is not a notary directory. Your information is never shared or sold.

Thanks for your help!
Laura Vestanen