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notarizing across state lines

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charrington1 2 posts almost 10 years ago

I’m a new notary from the state of NH and need to complete a document for someone in the Compoany I work for. I am unsure if I can notarize a signature for an affidavit of debt that is being sent to a MA court. The document does not state the STATE of NH and the county I am signing it in. It states the STATE of MA, county of Sullivan.

I’m not sure if it is correct for me to be notarizing this form. Shouldn’t mthe county and state above my signature be where the actual signing and notarizing is taking place?

Thanks for your help.

lindah 99 posts almost 10 years ago

“Shouldn’t mthe county and state above my signature be where the actual signing and notarizing is taking place?”

Yes – you can either amend the existing ack or jurat to reflect the correct information or attach a NH compliant ack or jurat..if you attach your own certificate, note the pre-printed one “see attached New Hampshire compliant ” and I’d draw a big “X” across the pre-printed one.

Good Luck!!

maureenlazar 31 posts almost 10 years ago

You can always notarize a document being mailed to another state. Like Lindah said you can line through the state/county and verbiage if it is not correct. Always attach/staple your Ack or Jurat to the form that needs to be notarized. I live in California and in Jan 08’ the rules changed for Notary Acknowledgments and Jurats. If the document is being recorded outside of California it does not have to have the California specific verbiage on it. That I only learned by mistake when I was a newbie :)

maggiemae 35 posts almost 10 years ago

Hi Maureen, the current California JURAT ALWAYS must be used on a document whether it’s being used in CA or any other State. It’s my understanding that the Acknowledgment of the State the document will be used in can be used. However, the venue section of the doucment where the signing took place is to be properly reflected.

maureenlazar 31 posts almost 10 years ago

Can you send me a link showing that the Ca Jurat Verbiage must always be used if being recorded outside of California. I took an update class and that was never discussed. Yes.. I’m aware that the venue must be where you are at physically Notarizing the signature. I would appreciate the Jurat info. That is something I was absolutely not aware of.

canotarysvc 2 posts over 9 years ago

Notary Public Handbook page 14.“Any jurat taken within this state shall be in the following form:” etc.