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Acknowledgment and witness

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jman 6 posts almost 8 years ago

In my state, you can notarize an acknowledgment after the document has been signed. Our law treats a witnessed signature the same way as an already signed document presented to the notary for an acknowledgment. The important part is proving the identity of the signer and matching the signature from the document to the identification presented. Our law really provides no direction for comparison of the signature, but I believe that it would be a strong suggestion so that the notary does not have to worry about a possible fraud taking place. Of course, any sworn statement, oath or affirmation requires the actual witnessing of the signature by the notary. The key words are “sworn and subscribed before me”. Also on acknowledgments, or for that matter any type of notarization requires personal appearance before the notary, so that a document is never notarized without the signer appearing before you. I had been notarizing acknowledgments for many years without knowing that you could notarize an already-signed document.