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lindah 99 posts over 6 years ago

A new bill, which will be effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature, will extends our authority to act as a designated signer to the signing and initialing of a Power of Attorney.

New Florida Law: SUMMARY: HB 841 clarifies that a Notary may sign a power of attorney on behalf of a principal who is unable to sign by using the procedures in F.S. 117.05(14).
BILL: House Bill 841
EFFECTIVE: Immediately upon being signed into law by the Governor
SIGNED: May 30, 2013

lindah 99 posts over 6 years ago

Meant to add – page 39 of our manual outlines the specific procedure to follow for this. It is my belief that the bill clarifies the authority and extends it to POA’s AND the initials required on some forms.