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Notary Optimism

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venitapeyton 1 post about 6 years ago

Chicken Little is wrong. The sky is NOT falling! Often, a notary can be the one bright spot in a day to impact many others.

Yesterday I was called to notarize documents for a hospice patient. I was left with the patient while the social worker rounded up family members of other patients to serve as witnesses. This patient has no family members in the area.

Upon completion, I touched her hand as I prepared to leave. She gripped my hand tightly and smiled. It was an acknowledgement, gratitude and so, so much more! I left and drove for an hour in unrelenting 90 degree heat without my air conditioner for my refinance appointment in another county. The refinance client was gruff, saying he works nights and has no life (around 62). Just had heart surgery….single, needed a friend.

I smiled and left. I was too drained to care about giving time to someone who couldn’t appreciate all that he has going for him. He’ll be okay. The hospice patient can rest comfortably, knowing that her sister in Washington DC will handle her affairs. The industry will be fine – as long as we remember that we’re not here to save it. We’re here to provide a public service.

sandiegonota... 8 posts about 4 years ago

Dear VenitaPeyton,

I know this post is super old. But it touched me. I agree with you so much on this topic. I love doing my job because I get to meet so many different people and I love when I can help make someones day better by providing Notary services and compassion. I have many elderly clients and they are all so friendly and appreciative of your assistance. Makes my day way better than any amount of money could :)

Good to see there are other people out there who enjoys our job.

The caring and compassionate San Diego Notary Public

mcgruder 5 posts over 1 year ago

I read your post. Your post is old, I agree with you on this topic.