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Jail Notary

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tiffb01 1 post over 5 years ago

I wanted to know how can you become a jail notary?

dorisinco 7 posts about 5 years ago

I’ve never had that experience but from what I’ve read, particularly on, it can be time consuming. I recommend you visit NotaryRotary and use the search button to look up jail signings.

sandiegonota... 8 posts over 4 years ago

I do jail signings in my local area, which is San Diego County.
Here, as long as you are a commissioned Notary Public, its not all that different from any other signing. Except it is more time consuming, usually about an hour in my experience. You just have to wait a while for them to bring the signer into the professional visit room, and not all jails allow notary public visits.
Also, you would have to be called by a family member or someone on the outside, and they must have an ID for the signer, and bring the docs etc.
it can get complicated, and I do not get calls to do it all that often.

San Diego Mobile Notary Website

amazingnotaryva 1 post 2 months ago

How much would most notaries charge for jail signings or what is the going rate usually?