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Great to be here.

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divawannabe 1 post about 5 years ago

I’m relatively new to the notary signing industry, although I’ve had my notary commission for 18 years. I’ve worked in the real estate industry for 26 years, and I did work as a Escrow assistant for 3 years. I have always loved being a receptionist and an administrator. I lost my full time job almost 2 years ago and decided it is time to take the bull by the horns and do my own thing.

I look forward to reading and sharing information on the ‘Discussions’ page. I always find Notary’s very informative.

Thank you and have a great and successful career!

Cecilia aka Cia

jmalone 13 posts almost 5 years ago

Welcome-divawannabe. Your expertise is much appreciated.

sandiegonota... 8 posts over 4 years ago

Nice post. Glad to see there is someone with a wide range of experience in different areas besides just being a Notary Public.
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losangelesno... 4 posts about 3 years ago

Welcome Cecilia!

Welcome to being a full time notary signing agent, I see this post is kind of old. How have things been going for you?

Are you still full time as a Notary Signing agent?

I have been for almost four years now.

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