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Tax Time Again

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joanbergst 90 posts almost 12 years ago

I like Quicken Home & Business. I have used Quickbooks for another business but it is a little more bookkeeping program than I want.

What I really like is “Turbo Tax Home & Business.”

I used this for the first time for 2005 taxes and it saved me mucho dollars. The reason is the program asked me so many detailed questions on my business deductions that I hadn’t thought of before.

It was simple to use and cost approx $85 at Costco instead of the almost $500 I was spending on my business and personal taxes.

You can download your information from Quicken & Quickbooks into Turbo Tax.

tmata 2 posts almost 12 years ago

Joan thanks for the information. I always dread tax time for many reasons. I haven’t tried any of these progams yet. Is it easy to use? I am not very savvy when it comes to these types of programs.