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Home of the Notary Near Me ™! Since 2003 we have provided professional Notaries Public with tools to excel online. Webpages, Invoices, Acknowledgements, a full Notary Public Community, and a comprehensive Notary Public Search Engine.

Notary Public Listing Solutions

A Professional Webpage in Minutes

It takes just a minute or two to set up a Notary Near Me ™ profile, and you instantly have a professional webpage. Your webpage allows you to link to a website of your choice and receive emails from visitors through a professional email form, as well as list all of the services you provide and areas that you cover. Pro members may upload a photo to their webpage (in addition to other benefits they receive) for $8.00 per month.

The Most Comprehensive Notary Search Engine

We have spent a great deal of time to create the most comprehensive Notary Public Search Engine. Type in a zip code, a city and state, a county and state, a name, a phone number, or an email address and our search engine fetches the results—the user does not need to tell us what type of search they are trying to do, our search engine figures it out. And, if you want to do a very specific search simply use our Advanced Search query format for pinpoint accuracy.

Thousands of Satisfied Members

We have been around since 2003 and we aren't leaving. Many of our several thousands of members have experienced our commitment to them when they have had a question or technical issue. We have been active in the Notary Public community by donating free membership giveaways to groups and organizations nationwide for years. Our only objective is to provide you with the best site and tools to help you succeed.