Marketing Your Notary Business [Enter The Digital Realm] 2020 Full Guide

Every single penny spent on marketing must count, PERIOD. If you are a mobile notary or brick & mortar notary, then digital marketing is critical for your services and to beat out your competitors. It is tough for a Notary Public to create his/her exclusive image in this digital world to survive and thrive for the longevity. Lucky with the use of digital marketing any Notary Public can obtain a large customer base. Here is a guide of techniques that will help any Notary Public create a profitable and consistent digital marketing plan. 

Website Design

Although there are numerous platforms and websites where Notaries can register to provide their services to the public, a personal website is a great way to connect with your customers on a personal level. Other platforms and websites are usually membership based and assist the Notary in providing their contact and location to the general public and to other professionals seeking Notary services. If you a have personal website, then it will create a positive and trustworthy image for your customers. You can provide authentic and useful information to the public about your services, location, and charges per visit etc. Another benefit of having your own website is that you can update information regarding your services at any time, and it is easily accessible for clients too. 

The exclusive purpose of a website is to demonstrate your thoughts, expertise, and leadership in your field. Notaries are most concerned with attracting local businesses and clients. The relevant content you create can help local clients find your business when they’re looking for a Notary via an online search engine. If your website demonstrates your expertise, knowledge of the field, and your enthusiasm to answer questions and assist your clients, you can attract more business by this strategy. Search engines like Google also love websites that are updated on a regular basis with virtuous content (blogging). Remember your primary goal is to rank high in search results for your local area. A website with relevant pages, information, and quality content will always outranks other websites with little to no irrelevant/low quality content. A website and blog are an unavoidable necessity to promote your mobile Notary business.

(DYI) Website Builder Platforms:

Weebly – ($6/month)

Wix – ($13/month) 

GoDaddy – ($6/month)

Squarespace – ($12/month)

Logo (Brand Recognition)

After the website, here comes the logo. If you want to become a brand that creates a long-lasting impression, then never overlook the importance of a logo. Do you know why some brand names have become so well known? Because they are synonymous with the industry, they operate in. A logo is your identification that you can put on marketing materials and your website. Your logo communicates ownership and tells a story about your business. It can show the potential customers who you are, what type of product or service you sell, or what benefit you offer your consumers. In this monochromatic world, People are usually drawn to interesting designs and colors. With a striking logo, you can draw potential customers to your business and create a loyal customer base. 

Do you know logos are helpful in drawing brand loyalty, and every business needs loyal customers to foster in this digital world of competition? A noticeable and familiar logo goes a long way toward building brand loyalty. If you are able to develop your brand message and successfully tie it into your logo, then you’re thinking long-term for your business.

(DYI) Logo Builder Platforms:

Social Media Ads 

Paid social media advertising is a cost-effective way to create exposure for your Notary services. You may know that if your business appears in news feed regularly, people will start to recognize your business, and at their time of need, may call for your services. Social media recognition will enhance your credibility, plus drive engagement and purchasing behaviors of potential clients.

Paid social media ads work superlatively when it doesn't feel like boring regular advertising. Ads don't feel like ads when they're highly relevant and seek to engage customers. Another plus point of paid social media ads is it can’t be skipped over or blocked unless with the help of ad blockers. There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat where paid ads of 10-30 seconds can work wonders for your Notary business. Snapchat is not a new application. It was launched almost eight years ago. Snapchat has more than a hundred million daily active users around the globe, and their numbers are increasing day by day. Creating a Snapchat account and regularly using it will work wonders for Notary services. It can also assist you in connecting with users in your area and help them to distinguish you as a brand while, gaining a large following.

Snapchat Ads are full-screen, vertical 10-second video ads. These short duration ads that appear between stories (with the option of swiping up to your website, email, or calling your business) can influence numerous people. These videos can help build brand awareness and increase lead conversions in an unsaturated platform. 

Social Media Ads:

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization (local SEO) is also referred to as local search engine marketing. It is an incredibly effective tool to market your local business online. It helps your business to promote its services to local customers at the exact time when they’re searching for them online. Local SEO is accomplished through a variety of methods, and it depends upon the needs, audience, and tools you use.

With some experience and SEO courses, anyone can rank for a search query like “how to find a mobile Notary”. For these types of typical search queries, which include a location or 'near me' Google shows the business suggestions or lists based on location to the searcher. Previously known as Google Local, and currently Google My Business (GMB) is your business profile on Google and when this is set up correctly, this will increase your customer base dramatically.

Your Google business profile includes information submitted by you. This information is regarding the services you offer, your contact details, business description, category, and opening/closing times etc. It is also very crucial to note that "Google My Business" attributes, and Google Reviews are entirely generated by those clients who have experienced your services. I would recommend you familiarizing yourself with the three "p" elements of local search ranking: first is Proximity (How close is your business is to the searcher) second (Proper Relevance) How relevant is your services to search query, and the last one is Prominence (What do clients say about your services and experience with you?)

Keyword Search Tool:

E-Mail Marketing

Although E-mail marketing is not a novel idea, it is an efficient way to ensure that your Notary businesses can reach out to customers while growing and retaining your customers base. E-mail marketing is also very effective in building a reputation.

 E-mail marketing also has many benefits, like managing an e-mail campaign that is more accessible than managing other marketing campaigns. E-mail marketing is also one of the paramount marketing methods available for online, mobile, and brick & mortar businesses with budget considerations.

You can tell your previous or potential clients about the latest services, any changes, free days for next bookings and any other news about your business. If customers are willing to receive e-mails from you, then you shouldn't be hesitant about sending out e-mails and making contact with them on a regular basis.

E-mail marketing is also an excellent way to develop your Notary business as a brand because it gives you a direct reach to your potential customers or previous satisfied clients. By sending regular updates, you can create a unique style, and image of your business for your subscribers.

Videos are an amazing way to launch your business as a brand and thought-leader in the Notary Public field. You can make videos of Basic Notary Q&A’s, reviews about your services etc. When you use blog articles and videos as part of your e-mail campaigns, you are adding value to each and every e-mail you send to your audience. Undoubtedly, E-mail is the best way to reach out to your customers quickly with an any information.

Email Software:


NEVER ignore the power of your online reviews as you may know a very large chunk of consumers check online-reviews when it comes to hiring a service or before making a purchase decision.

Online reviews and customer feedback are some of the most important criteria customers use when choosing an online, mobile, or brick and mortar business. A large compilation of positive reviews, combined with local SEO, will rank your business high and organically. Having tons of optimistic reviews regarding your services is instant social proof of your legitimacy. A potential consumer can read your reviews, and they’ll know without a doubt, you are a legitimate service provider. Remember one more thing, negative reviews can ruin your business and create a wavering image of your business. If you attract a negative review, it isn't the end of the world, and you can deal with it with a positive attitude. Just make sure you respond to that review and try to solve the complaint. This problem-solving attitude shows potential customers that you care about your customers and that you’re always trying to provide excellent customer service. In fact, many business owners have twisted negative reviews into better outcomes because they addressed it promptly. A large number of positive reviews builds an immediate trust that converts potential customers into paying clients. Undoubtedly Good reviews bring long term customer retention and future referrals.

Review Sites:

Final Words

If you are not focusing on your Notary business and its digital demands, then surely you are losing revenue and potential clients. Nowadays, Notaries with brand recognition, an optimized website, monthly social media ads/email campaigns, and relevant content will easily beat out any competitors.  For more tips and strategies on how to use digital marketing for your Notary business please visit our website at for more information. Feel free to contact Jamylee Germany with any questions. 

This article was written by Jamylee Germany  Digital Marketing Consultant