Laura Kohani, Notary Public, San Marcos, CA 92078-3201

Laura Kohani

Class Act Notary

Class Act Notary Laura Kohani

Mobile Notary Loan Signing Agent 858-750-9007

7920 Grado El Tupelo Carlsbad, CA 92009

Commission #1959579 Expires 11-6-15

Fees For Loan Document Signing Services

Service Fee

1st Set of Loan Documents $85 2nd Set at same signing $100 Laser printing of E-docs (2 sets per loan) $25 Fax back $25 Reverse mortgage and purchase add $25 Travel fee for trip over 50 miles $35

If borrower does not show or refuses to sign the documents the fee will be equal to a minimum of ½ the signing fee. This is to ensure that all documents are properly prepared and borrowers are well informed prior to the signing.

Bonded & 100K E&O Insurance
Available on short notice 24/7
Prompt, Professional Service. Always wear a smile and classy business attire.

**Fees are negotiable for all my different clients individual needs