Craig Solomon, Notary Public, Florence, OR 97439-9253

Craig Solomon

Independent NNA Certified Notary Service. Concierge Notary Service is a full service *part time notary, from eDocs, refinance, 1st and 2nd mortgage, loan mods, resigns to local Jail visits. Honest, Fair, Fast, and Accurate 100% of the time!

We have vast notary experience in residential loans and refinance loans as well as second mortgages. We do charge travel fees for any closings out of the local area. 24/7 service (emergency-rates apply.) Drive time is based on time, not mileage. Minimum rate is $55 per hour. Package rates start at $100 and goes up based on distance, signers and complexity. All payments must be paid within 20-days of signing. Companies paying late must pay in advance via PayPal or CC via Square. 15 Miles is included in basic agreement. Anything outside that range is $1 per mile (round trip). So if the distance is 55 miles, there is an additional $40 fee, plus my time. Any signings after 8pm includes an up-charge.

I can do scan-backs to you currently, no longer doing fax backs. If you need documents literally faxed, I can have the local copy shop do them at $1 per page. Scanning and emailing docs back is a $20 fee up to 25 pages. Fedex drop off where i am currently located is 1:30pm. UPS drop off is 3:00pm. Anything later will go out next business day. Please note, as of 11/2016

I am located in Florence, OR / Oregon on the coast. Next city is Reedsport (S) 24-Miles - Next City (N) is Waldport 33-miles. Minimum package price to those locations is $125. Minimum to Newport is $150. Minimum to Eugene / Springfield is $200. There may be wiggle room if multiple signings in the same city for price bundling.