In Black & White Mobile Notary Services, Notary Public, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

In Black & White Mobile Notary Services

Licensed/Bonded & Insured & Background NNA Certified California Commissioned Notary Public

Serving the public in Sonoma County, CA. Also serving the following counties in California:

Lake Mendocino Napa Sacramento

(Contact for more information) Description In Black & White provides mobile notary services to the public. Working around your needs to provide a smooth transaction by traveling to your attorney, bank, home, office, hospital, jail, or local coffee house.

In Black & White can take oaths/acknowledgements and notarize any document that requires lawful notarization such as Adoptions, Bank records, Affidavits, Child Custody papers, Grants & Deeds of Trust, DMV Records, Jurats, Living Trusts, Family Trusts, Estate Planning, Medical Reports, Medical Treatment Authorization Letter, Mortgage/ Loan Documents of all types, Parent Authorization Letter for Minors, Passport related documents, Power of Attorney, Probate and Other Legal Matters, Proof of Identification, Real estate purchase, sale, and refinance and much more.

In Black & White does not notarize Wills unless you are advised to do so by an attorney.

In Black & White can not notarize incomplete documents, Copies of Birth, Death or Marriage records. I can notarize a Copy Certification of Document Custodian form.

Fees are $10 - $15 per signature depending upon type of signature needed. Professional travel fees for a local 35 mile surround area is $27 and can be up to $67 depending upon your location.

In Black & White offers multiple signature discounts. In Black & White will waive additional travel fees to any company or organization that gives multiple assignments in a week.

In Black & White offers reduced travel fees if you meet at a local Starbucks near you.

*PLEASE NOTE: In Black & White is not an attorney or Paralegal. In Black & White cannot give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matters concerning any transactions or documents.

In Black & White notarizes for all Veterans at no charge.