Jennifer Solares, Notary Public, Princeton, NJ 08542

Jennifer Solares

Jds Concierge Service

JDS Concierge Service provides comprehensive personal assistance and lifestyle management services to both individuals and businesses. JDS understands the value of time. We all have various commitments such as work, school, family and friends, so we all can find our daily tasks to be overwhelming. JDS allows you to have more freedom and flexibility to have time for the things that really matter. You don’t have to take personal days to complete your mundane tasks and you don’t have to waste your lunch break at work for running errands. Now you can just relax during lunch because JDS can take care of everything for a very reasonable price. Our services are split up into five categories: general errands, house-sitting services, relocation services, personal organization services and administrative/office support services. We also offer virtual assistant services to individuals and businesses throughout the United States! JDS is ideal for busy parents, business executives, real estate agents, mental health professionals, senior citizens, and everything in between.