John Humphrey, Notary Public, Grand Junction, CO 81504

John Humphrey

Grand Valley Notary

Grand Valley Notary has only one thing in mind - to service your client needs!

Our job is to service you and your clients when it isn’t convenient or possible for them to come to you.

Our service provides a means for a notary public to service your clients in the comfort of their own home, or business.

We understand that time has become a commodity for most people, and traveling to a notary is not always the most efficient use of valuable time.

Our service allows for us to pick up documents, deliver them to your client, have them signed and notarized, and return them to you the same day (except for evening appointments - after 5PM).

One of our primary goals is to insure that we represent your company in the best possible light. We understand how important your clients are to your business. For that reason we make sure that all of your clients meet a notary who knows the importance of personality and professionalism.

We aren’t in the business of just doing the task at hand, but we also strive to create an atmosphere of friendliness where your clients will feel as if they mean more to us than just being another job. We want to make sure that your business looks good!

We offer competitive rates based on the service you are providing to your client, whether it be a new home purchase, the purchase of a resale home, a refinance, a piggyback loan (a combined 1st and 2nd mortgage), a home equity loan, or home equity line of credit - whatever the service you provide, our notaries are able to handle the task.