Joseph Jackson

Notary Public in York, PA (717) 668-9479

Loan Signer • Laser Printer • E-Docs

Hello ,
My name is Joseph Jackson, I’m a Notary Public, and have been for 10 years.
I am located in the York, PA area,
and open 24-7.
I have Professional Experience with Loan Documents.
I use a Laser Printer, for printing
My Laser printer can print on Legal,and Regular size paper.

I do not send anyone else out to the borrowers home to poss as me.
I am the Notary Public who signs and Stamps the Documents.
Once I get the assignment I call the borrowers to confirm the apppointment, and make sure that all information on the conformation is correct.

One thing I ALWAYS Print Out Two Copys of what is sent to me,
one for the loan company and one for the borrowers.
I get copys of their Drivers License and send them back with their documents.
Borrowers always sign their names in my Notary Log Book, before I start the assignment.
I always Dubble Check to Make sure that I didn’t miss any signatures.
Then I call after the completed signing to assure that the loan has been signed and is closed.

Then the documents are shipped to where ever on the provided shipping lable.

This is My E-Docs Price. If I choose or except anything less is not worth My Experience.

Overnight To Me or Borrower- York Local area-$65.00 outside York area $85.00

1st————————————York Local area-$95.00 Outside York area $100.00

2nd or Piggy Back York Local area$125.00 Outside York area $150.00

We Are Talk The Price of Paper, Toner, and Gas!
If You want Professional Job Done, that is what I do. Please Call Me anytime.

717-668 9479 ~
Thank you Joe’s Mobile Notary