Tanya Chevis, Notary Public, Blaine, WA 98230

Tanya Chevis

Tahara Consulting LLC

As a certified Notary Signing Agent (NSA), I have the privilege of being entrusted with securing and authenticating important legal and personal documents for individuals and businesses throughout Western Washington. As a paralegal for over 15-years in the United States and Canada, I have a wealth of experience working in both private and public sectors and continue to assist my clients through privately contracted endeavors. As an American and Canadian with enhanced travel access, I’m able to service clients on both sides of the borders legally and effortlessly. With a unique combination of education and experience, along with the attribute of being a master multi-tasker, my clients can rest assured that I will assist them quickly and accurately with all of their notarial needs. I also offer extended services in helping my clients navigate the often-murky waters involved with preparing, responding to and filing various documents for immigration, general civil and family law. This combination of skills enables me to continue working purposefully in my client’s interests and in meeting their end goals.