Malbrough Notary, LLC, Notary Public, Metairie, LA 70001

Malbrough Notary, LLC

Malbrough Notary LLC, is a proud member of the Louisiana Notary Association. I am adept at both drafting and authorizing: mortgages, loan closings, living wills and last testaments, affidavits, acknowledgements, vehicle/boat sales and donations, all mandates/powers of attorney (medical, durable, etc), notarial adoptions and emancipations, business formations via organization or incorporation, I-9 verifications..well, I think you get the idea. Whether you need a document dealing with movables, immovables, corporeals or incorporeals, I’ve got you covered!

I have statewide jurisdiction and am located in Jefferson Parish; however, I also cover the entire Greater New Orleans area including these parishes:

• Jefferson Parish • Orleans Parish • St. Charles Parish • St. John Parish

Believe me, I understand the closing process can oft be a confusing and hectic experience for some people; however, I will assist people through the process in a manner which is both proficient and reassuring. As a Louisiana appointed public official, my time is readily of service to ensure one does not feel “rushed” through the process. Whether we are dealing with a refi, fha, va, cash sale, etc..I’ll make certain all documents are identified and notarized correctly. The last thing we want is a delay in the process when someone is dealing with immovable property as delays are very costly for all parties involved.

My cell phone is on 24/7, so I’ll always answer or call back in a prompt fashion if I’m assisting a client. With unlimited data and minutes, I can access: internet, all of my e-mail accounts, updated gps, and any documents sent to me immediately! It doesn’t get more efficient than that. I have prior IT experience and a dedicated Network engineer available at the drop of a hat. As such, any “technical problems” which could plague others will be resolved extremely fast.

Don’t hesitate to contact me today for professional and accurate service!