Michelle E Montemorra

Notary Public in Salem, NH (603) 674-4302

Loan Signer • Laser Printer • E-Docs

Michelle E Montemorra
Background Certification Expires: Background Screening: 12/31/2014
Notary Signing Agent: 12/31/2014
$100,000 Errors & Omissions Insurance —
Exp: Dec 03, 2014


215 South Broadway, #394
Salem, NH 03079
Rockingham County

Contact Information

Day: 603-674-4302 E-mail: michelle_closings@yahoo.com
Evening: 603-674-4302 Website: www.LoanSignersInc.com/NotaryWebPage.asp?SignerID=160
Mobile: 603-674-4302 Loan Document Delivery
215 South Broadway, # 394
Salem, NH 03079
Fax: 1-432-225-3894

Notary Services

Experience: 10+ Years
Will Travel: 76-100 miles
Has Laser Printer: YES
24-hour Service: YES
Commission: MA,NH
Languages: English

Service Area

New Hampshire
Counties: Rockingham
Additional county servicing negotiable. Call to discuss.

Additional Information
LOCATION: Southern-most border of New Hampshire, right next to Massachusetts on what is considered the North Shore.
COMMISSIONS: Notary Public for New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
(I am duly commissioned)

NH EXP: 04/ 09/ 2019

MA EXP: 5/17/2013 (MA is an attorney state: I am a non-attorney, and can/will only do MA signings if contracted by a supervising MA Attorney) or have a MA attorney involved or available in some way for MA property RE closings. I may perform out of state closings in MA, RESPA’s, etc.

EXPERIENCE: Certified Paralegal since December of 1998, and a commissioned Notary Public since April of 1999. Signing Agent for 10 years. I am a Certified Signing Agent, Notary Public as listed with, and a member of the NSA, and NNA as well.

I perform RE Signings of all types on a full time basis, and 365 availability schedule.

TYPICAL # OF SIGNINGS/DAY: My schedule has me typically performing anywhere from 1-4, sometimes more Notary witness signings per day consistently. Sometimes number of signings per day may be more and can be as many as 8/day.

I am available 24/7

I have performed professional witness signings throughout my 10+ year career as a Notary Public/ Paralegal.

I also have Mortgage Origination experience.

I very much enjoy what I do!


My fax number is the same as E fax 1-432-225-3894. I no longer use my office phone line as my fax line. This helps to ensure that attempted faxes are not missed, and they go directly to my e mail for security puposes.

  • If you have previously used my services, please update your document delivery shipping information AND MY E MAIL. This delivery address is the UPS Store, and they accept and sign for lenders packages from ANY and ALL couriers. This is 100% NOT a Post Office Box. It is a package pickup location for me with 24 hour access. Thank you once again.

If you need a witness signing performed,and done right, feel free to call me. I will do my best to make time to fit you in, and provide you with quality Notary/ Certified Signing Agent Services.

If you have trouble sending docs and having them received by me there is an alternate e mail address stated below. PLEASE let me know which one you are using and sending information to. I will now typically check the michelle.notary@comcast.net account first I will be using michelle_closings@yahoo.com, so if you use an alternate e mail, please inform me to check elsewhere for information, files, confirmations, etc. as needed.

Thank you!

Have a great day, and I look forward to working with you soon.