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Become a Notary Public in Idaho

The information and links below provide a general overview of how to become a Notary Public in Idaho


Notaries in Idaho are appointed and commissioned by the Secretary of State for a term of 6 years. In order to become a Notary Public in Idaho, you must must be a legal resident or have a principal place of business or employment in Idaho. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent alien residents able to read and write English. You may not have had a felony conviction or have been removed from office for misconduct within the previous 10 years.

For more information on being appointed as an ID Notary Public, visit the Secretary of State website:

Notary Public ID Mobile Notary Fees

Mobile notaries in the state of an Idaho may charge for actual and reasonable expense of travel.

Notary Public ID Maximum Notary Fees

Maximum notarization fees are based on the Idaho Government Code Section 51-110 and are not to exceed $2 per notarial act. Refer to The Notary Public Handbook for the State of Idaho to see the maximum notary fees.

Idaho Notary Public Acknowledgment Information

An acknowledgment is the notary act of a signer declaring to a Notary Public that they have willingly signed a document. The act of presenting a signed document before a Notary Public and asking the Notary Public to notarize the signature constitutes acknowledging signing the document. The signer may sign the document before being in the presence of the Notary Public, however, the signer must appear before the Notary Public to sign the notary journal and receive the affixation of the notary seal on the notary certificate.

Idaho Notary Public Jurat Information

A Jurat is the notary act of a signer swearing under oath before a Notary Public that the statement in the notarized document is true. Jurat certificate wording must accompany all Jurat notary acts in one of the following: within the document itself, after the signature area(s), or on an attached certificate form.