How to Protect Your Business from Personal Injury Claims

There are many different ways in which you need to protect your business. For a start, security cameras and sophisticated keypad locks help keep physical threats at bay. The latest anti-virus software can prevent hackers from acquiring your precious business data.

The list goes on and on.

Yet there’s one notable threat that is often overlooked: the possibility of a personal injury claim being directed at your company. The issue with a personal injury claim is they can appear at any time. Not only that, but your customers and employees could be the ones filing the claim.

Simply put, it’s essential you are adequately prepared. Accidents are always going to happen at the workplace, but there are procedures you can put into place to help. Here are four ways you can protect your business from personal injury claims.

Limit the chance of accidents

Yes, accidents are going to happen. It’s an inevitable situation for any business that operates for a significant length of time. Yet there are always opportunities available to decrease the amount of accidents that take place.

For instance, something as simple as unclean floors could lead to an accident. Someone may slip and fall, and suddenly you’re handed an unnecessary headache. Of course, this is just one example. Improper training could also lead to accidents, as can any deterioration of your building’s structure.

Avoid any negligence and stay on top of potential issues that might increase the chances of an accident occurring.

Educate your employees

It’s not just your own negligence that can lead to trouble. Your employees could also be responsible for an issue that eventually turns into a personal injury claim. The problem with this is you’ll typically be the one that still has to deal with the claim!

As a result, ensure all employees are educated. If they need to use specific equipment that could lead to serious injury, teach them to use it in the right manner – and continually refresh them on the proper procedure.

Find the right lawyer

If, despite your best actions, an injury has happened, and the plaintiff has decided they want compensation from you, and filed a claim, now what? Well, your best course of action is to acquire professional help in the form of a lawyer.

You don’t just want the first lawyer found in a Google search, however. Instead, you should use a lawyers directory to find the right individual for the job. You’ll want a personal injury lawyer for a start, but you can also narrow down the search to pick the best combination of affordability and positive reviews.

General liability insurance

If you don’t already have it, stop what you’re doing and sign up for a general liability insurance policy. This form of insurance is essential, as it helps to protect your business from personal injury claims.

Yes, you obviously have to pay for general liability insurance, and this is a point that stops business owners from signing up. However, if you are faced with a costly claim, you’ll be thrilled you invested in the policy. Don’t let hindsight bite you.