The Confirming Phone Call

By Margaret Paddock, Ciati Notary, LLC

This is a Notary Public’s first contact with the borrower after accepting an assignment. We all know the basics of this call but have you ever thought about how the conversation could affect what might happen at that signing? Could you steer the conversation to guide the borrower so that the signing process goes more smoothly for them and you? Let’s see….

Scenario One: Hello this is (your name). I am a notary public. So-and-so asked me to contact you with regards to signing your loan papers. I just needed to confirm that (time) on (date) works for you. Fine — I’d just like to review a couple of things with you.
Scenario Two: The borrower says wife/husband might be late as will be coming from work or elsewhere. You could then ask if they would like to meet somewhere closer to where that is if it’s in the area — you could suggest a restaurant, etc. that may even be closer to you. If you decide to do this make sure they will bring copies of anything needed with them.
Continuing: I’d just like to go over a couple of things with you so we are both better prepared to complete the signing. Do you have a minute?
First, I’ll need to see your (unexpired) driver license(s) that is in the same name that is on the Deed of Trust. I’m not sure if we will need a copy to return with the documents so could you make a copy in case we need it? Thank you. Or, if this is a V.A. loan ask them to make a copy of their military I.D. as only they can legally do so. You may need it for the Patriot Act.
Also, did you receive a copy of the Closing Disclosure (if applicable)? Good — have you had time to review it and are you comfortable with the figures? (If not, did they call their loan officer?) If you have your copy out when I get there you can compare it to what is in the loan package. That way we can proceed as needed right away.
Thank you for your time. Can I ask you one more thing — I’m not quite sure I have the correct instruction to get to your home/office, etc. I’m coming from such-and-such.
That’s so very good of you. I really appreciate your help. I’ll see you at (time) and (date). If you have any changes for the appointed time would you call me to let me know? My phone # is 555–555–5555. Thank you.
There are many scenarios that could occur during this conversation so just by asking a few short questions you may find you have eliminated one or two problems before you actually meet with the borrowers and that by doing so the signing will be completed.