Angelique, Notary Public, La Vergne, TN 37086


I am currently the BCD claim specialist. I review the Part BCD claims for five states which involves comparing the lenders’ claims for work completed against the initial inspections to confirm that the work claimed was completed. If there are discrepancies, I issue demand and non-compliance letters to the lenders and follow up to insure that either they have supporting documentation or that HUD is reimbursed. I respond to lenders’ appraisal requests for Tennessee and Kentucky and answer lenders’ questions regarding said appraisals. My other duties include notarizing deeds, processing mail and maintaining our supplies.

While working for Capreit and Flournoy Properties as a property manager, assistant manager and leasing consultant I performed all aspects of property management including processing rent and fee checks, conducting background and credit checks, monitoring the application processing, fulfilling facility needs, conducting home inspections and marketing the properties. I also trained and managed 4 employees while with Flourney and trained over 30 employees in various other locations.

Major Strengths & Accomplishments: My customer service skills are a major strength which enables me to listen to understand the issue at hand and quickly determine the best option to resolve the situation. I believe in teamwork to accomplish a corporate goal and strive to support my co-workers in accomplishing their individual goal.
During my time with Capreit and Flournoy, I worked closely with THDA (Tennessee Housing Development Authority) and Murfreesboro Housing to place clients in our properties and ensure that all compliance needs were met.

Education & Professional Designations: Certified Property Manager Customer Service Certified with focus on Fair Housing, Advancing Leasing, Curb Appeal, etc. Certified Computer Teacher with David County in Utah